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Top sales leaders reveal how they use data to increase sales performance.

 The Research Has Shown... 

 A Data-Driven Approach to Support Decisions

Leading sales organisations are starting to use data to support the traditional gut feel of Sales - allowing them to make better, faster decisions at scale.


A New Set of KPIs is Required 

It’s paramount that we apply a new set of KPIs to accurately meet the needs of the modern sales organisation. These new KPIs are closely tied to the behaviours reps need to exhibit throughout the entire sales journey. 


The New Role of the Sales Manager

There remains a huge untapped potential within the core sales team of every organisation. It falls on the front-line sales manager to 'maximise the middle' and get more from that group through individualised coaching.


How Sales Leaders Are Leveraging Data in the Digital Age


Digital technology has reshaped Sales in the last decade. The new pace of change has created a complex and challenging sales environment where the buyer is now better informed and no longer expects to be sold products but solutions to specific problems.

Luckily, digital technology has also enhanced the sales process itself and armed teams with a powerful tool: data.

But how are modern sales organisations leveraging that data? And why is there still space for guess-work within the sales process?

We’ve commissioned this report into the experiences of 36 sales leaders, to explore how they are using data, their toughest challenges and how they achieve the greatest gains.