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 The Benefits of Enablement

When implemented and managed mindfully, sales enablement can help us become more productive, more competitive and more profitable. 

Which is why, unsurprisingly, 59,2% of companies now have a dedicated Sales Enablement function. 

This  guide examines what good sales enablement looks like, outlines best practices, and suggests top tips from a renowned industry leader.

Selling to The Modern Buyer

The buyer journey is becoming increasingly sophisticated. According to CEB, the average B2B buyer is 57% through the purchase decision before engaging a sales rep.

In order to effectively meet the requirements of this very informed prospect, we need to arm our reps with a much more advanced story and better frameworks to help streamline the process.

Sales Enablement can help build the assets required to do that successfully.

Closing the Sales & Marketing Gap

The successful collaboration of these two departments helps to create the best and most useful lead capturing asset - content.

But  a robust collection of blog posts, case studies and white papers can not only be used to woo prospects, it can also help educate the sales team.

In this guide, you’ll find a handy content library checklist to cross reference with your existing assets.

Download Your Free Guide to Sales Enablement

In this guide you’ll find the steps necessary to build a strong sales enablement programme that’ll support your team through the complex sales journey.

By the end of this paper, you’ll be able to identify the real value of investing in effective sales enablement, know how to overcome the common challenges, health check your existing offerings and pick up some crucial tips from former Sales Enablement Leader at Hubspot.