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Rekindle the flame between salespeople and CRM with this how-to guide!


 Love Salesforce Again

Inexistent ROI?

Salesforce's costly price tag puts pressure on the deployment team to quickly show ROI. But, as with any complex tool, it’s not as easy as switching it on and letting it run.

In this guide, we look at the necessary building blocks we must set before seeing any ROI from the platform.

low user adoption

User Adoption Woes?

The success of the implementation depends on the users. Unfortunately, the tales of bumpy user adoption are widely spread and common, often causing the project to fail.

Discover the most frequent adoption challenges we’ve witness in our extensive history in this space.

low user engagement

Low Engagement?

For the system to be effective, it needs to prove value to the intended users. If your sales reps aren’t seeing what’s in it for them, chances are, they won’t engage.

Download this paper to find 5 simple steps to an engaging platform that helps reps become productive, efficient and successful every day. 

Sound Advice from a Salesforce Guru...

Salesforce User Adoption GuideWe work exclusively with Salesforce customers, helping businesses of all sizes realise the true value of the platform by motivating the behaviours that have a real impact on results.

This guide has been assembled by Certified Salesforce Consultant, Sales Performance & Behavioural Coach Kris McCabe who, over the years, has amassed extensive knowledge as developer, administrator and solutions architect within the Salesforce platform.

In these pages, Kris shares his top tips to creating a practical, scalable and functional system that will actually facilitate the day-to-day of your sales team.