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A Free Motivation Platform To Reignite Sales Activity. 

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As the initial impact of the pandemic subsides, businesses are having to adapt in order to navigate the so-called ‘new normal’

Restrictions may be easing but for many it is still not business as usual.

We’re helping sales teams get back to selling by offering our Motivation platform for free for 3 months. 

Request free access to the platform:

What's included?

- The Sales Effectiveness Engine (Sales Motivation and Gamification)

- A competition builder including a large number of prebuilt 'sales behaviours’

- Installation Guidance (with 30 mins online meeting support)

- Competition Setup  (with 60 mins online meeting support)


Unify distributed teams, improve productivity and maintain morale at a sustained high with our Motivation platform.


Terms & Conditions: This kit has been designed for teams of 25 reps or more. The Engine can only be supported within the Salesforce CRM environment. Free licence available for 3 months from start date. No charge will be applied for its use at any point.