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The CloudApps Sales Academy 2019  

Motivate Sales Reps to Use Salesforce


Research has shown that CRM software can increase sales, productivity, forecast accuracy and customer retention. 

However, a large number of organisations currently using Salesforce quote user adoption as the main challenge in realising ROI.

It appears that the most important piece of the puzzle, the user, is missing. 

And without a team of able users regularly updating the system, we’ll never be able to get anything useful from the platform. 

In this instalment of The CloudApps Sales Academy, we share practical tactics that will shift your reps’ attitude from ‘I have to use Salesforce' to ‘I want to use Salesforce!'.


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How to motivate reps to use Salesfoce

  2. In this guide, you’ll find:

1. What good adoption actually looks like.

2. Reasons why reps don't use the system.

3. 5 ways to make Salesforce engaging.

4. Boosting adoption through Gamification.

5. How UBM guaranteed early uptake.  



Plus, direct access to our ROI Calculator to help you identify which of your team's Salesforce behaviours could help you drive higher revenue attainment.