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Webinar: How to Manage and Motivate a Sales Force Remotely.

Motivate remote sales forces

As many teams are forced to work remotely, the role of the sales leader has suddenly become even more complex. How can we successfully guide our now dispersed teams?

In this webinar, Clustre's MD Robert Baldock and CloudApps' Co-Founder Simon Wheeldon discuss the new ways to manage and motivate sellers through the use of behavioural science, gamification and artificial intelligence.

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This webinar answers some critical questions, like:

1. How do we assess the real KPIs of ‘self-isolating’ sales forces?

2. How can technology & AI help us communicate with and motivate distant sales teams?

3. How do we monitor and measure the success of new sales initiatives?

4. How do we focus sales efforts on the highest revenue deals with much-reduced resources?