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Address the Factors that Really Impact Sales Revenue

Improve Sales Performance by increasing your Win Rate, Deal Size and Deal Volume with SuMo


Gain a True Picture of your Pipeline

Instead of relying on what you’re told, SuMo will give you scientific insights into every deal in your pipeline. We’ll show you which ones are worth spending time on.


Nudge Everyone to Perform Like Top Sellers

Rather than expecting your best people to help you hit targets, SuMo will ‘move the middle’ and motivate others to improve. Right the way across your sales organisation.


Turn Sales Leaders into Sales Coaches

Avoid sales leaders wasting time finding out what’s going wrong. Give them the observations to step in, make a change and encourage reps to think about bigger and better deals.

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We work with many different types of organisations.  Each with different products and services. A different approach to sales. And different sales targets...

Yet they’re all achieving sales outcomes like:

- A 20% increase in closed opportunities
- A 60% decrease in lost opportunities
- An 11% increase in weekly pipeline (from €10 million to €11.2 million)

Only SuMo offers the end-to-end performance insight, sales coaching, and motivational tools to boost revenue at this scale.

We'll demonstrate ROI within 12-months. For example, based on an organisation with annual sales revenues of £200 million, we could increase that figure by 3.89% or £7.8 million with SuMo. That’s over 30:1 ROI in the first year.