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Before you add that deal to your Forecast... Can you answer these 23 questions?

23 Questions for Forecast Accuracy

When CSO Insights reported that less than half of all forecasted deals end up closing, nobody was surprised. 

It appears we still accept forecasting chaos as inevitable, resigned to a fate of never improving results. 

The secret to total forecast accuracy is identifying the vital signs of healthy deals - and then demanding the same robustness from every deal on the forecast. 

So, before you add that deal to your forecast, can you answer 'yes' to these 23 questions...?

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23 Qs for Forecast Accuracy-1

This checklist will help you:

1. Determine the likelihood of deal closure at Late Stage.

2. Guide the conversation between sales managers and sales reps.

3. Identify unhealthy deals early.

4. Maintain a high level of forecast accuracy.